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Automotive Products

  At present, various countries or regions have developed a variety of environmental laws and regulations, strengthening the management of recycling of scrapped cars, reducing the environmental impact of discarded vehicle and achieving sustainable growth in the automotive industry have become a focus of attention for related enterprises in different country. 

1. Restricted hazardous substances used in automobile like  lead, cadmium, mercury and chromium VI (ELV directive) 
* EU ELV: Pb, Cd, Cr6+, Hg
* China ELV: Pb, Cd, Cr6+, Hg, PBB, PBDE
At present, the chemical harmful substances which we can test are up to 260 kinds.

2. The air inside the car and car inner decoration materials organic volatile detection
■ Testing Item: Volatile organic compounds (benzene, styrene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, etc.), total volatile organic compounds
■ (TVOC), spray test, smell test, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone, ammonia, and inhalabel particles, etc.
■ Testing Standards: The VOC standards of Europe and the United States and Japanese which can satisfy VW, GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda and etc..

■ Use Scope: Plastic products, rubber, wood, leather, sponge foam, fabric, binders, fillers, carpets, paint, etc..

According to various series, the testing standards of each automobile brand, we can offer the VOC tests for the spare parts and materials of cars, such as:

■ Bags regulation VOC and aldehyde ketones
■ Volatile organic compounds and aldehyde of inner spare parts for Guangzhou Honda
■ Volatile organic compounds and aldehyde of inner spare parts for Guangzhou Honda
 Total carbon test of auto materials
■ Formaldehyde release test of auto materials
■ PV 3015 atomization experiments of Volkswagen 
■ Volatile organic compounds and aldehyde of inner materials for DPCA

 Formaldehyde and other carbonyl compounds test of inner materials for DPCA

 D45 1727 Dongfeng-itroen Automotive atomization experiments of inner decoration

3. Reliability Test

Light Aging Test

■ Xenon Arc Light       ■ Carbon Arc Light                ■ Simulated Ultraviolet 
Environmental Corrosively Test  
■ Neutral Salt                  ■ Acetic Acid Salt Spray       ■ Copper Accelerated Salt Spray   
■ Ozone Resistance    ■Salt Spray Circulation      ■ Gaseous Corrosion (Hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine gas)
Environmental Reliability Test  
■ Temperature                ■ Temperature and Humidity  
■ Rapid Change of Temperature
■ Temperature Impact   ■ All Longevity Test                ■ Three Comprehensive Vibration Test    

■ Anti-dust                        ■ Water Resistance               ■ Stone Impact Resistance Test    

The Seat Belt Crash Test
Test Standard
GB14166-2003 motor vehicle safety harnesses and constraint system used by adult passenger

Test project

■ Buckles Durability          ■ Vibration                       ■ Salt Fog  
■ Insertion Force                Dust                              ■ Vibration and Noise

■ Temperature Impact     ■ High Temperature      ■ Low temperature

 Plug Noise     

5. Fuel and Motor Oil Test

■ Test products: Lubricant, gasoline, diesel, LPG, other oil vehicle

■ Test Item: octane, cetane number, cetane index, composition analysis, metal ion, particle size distribution, density, viscosity, ash content, flash point, water, paraffin oxide, sulfur content, pour point, distillation, oxidation stability, etc.

6. REACH regulation services

* REACH Substances of high concern (SVHC) detection.

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